MYBA-055 Married Woman Turning Petals Maiko Ayase – Censored


MYBA-055 Married Woman Turning Petals Maiko Ayase

Mr. Ayase, a married woman who looks good with a short bob full of cleanliness. She is so close to her husband that she still works at night. But what she can’t forget is sex with her ex-boyfriend who was dating before her marriage, which was the most pleasant she ever had. Of course she keeps it a secret from her husband, but she seems to remember her ex-boyfriend even during normal sex. However, she thought that it was not good for her to drag on like this, so she volunteered to appear in order to overwrite her pleasure and get rid of her ex-boyfriend.

Release Date: 18 Feb 2023
Duration:129 mins
Director:yellow leopard 黄色いヒョウ
Studio: Hitozuma Engokai/Emmanuelle
Categories: Married Woman,Emmanuel,Creampie,Beautiful Tits,Mature Woman,Featured Actress,Exclusive Distribution,Hi-Def,
Cast(s): Maiko Ayase (Maria Sawaguchi)



Date: February 26, 2023
Actors: Maiko Ayase

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