EKDV-700 [4K] “Senior’s nakedness was 100 times more beautiful than I imagined. Marui Moeka – Censored


EKDV-700 [4K] “Senior’s nakedness was 100 times more beautiful than I imagined.” Moeka-senpai, who I used to like, suddenly contacted me…and we fucked all day long. Marui Moeka

‘Moeka’ senpai, who I’ve always liked and longed for. One day, about a year after I started living alone, I got a phone call… The other party was Moeka-senpai! “Would you like to play now? I’m close, so I’ll go!” It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her, but her black hair and smooth smile are cute as always. Moeka-senpai stares at me while teasing me. 

“You like me, I know…” I was puzzled by the senior who showed her breasts and seduced me, but I couldn’t stop and had a full erection! Kissing, thick fellatio, oral cumshots, toy play, seeding press, stakeout cowgirl…! A 140-minute story about regaining youth like a dream where you can do whatever you want with your longing senior all day long.

Release Date: 18 Feb 2023
Duration:137 mins
Director:Pearl Rice Sakagami パールライス坂上
Studio: Crystal Eizo
Categories: Hi-Def,Exclusive Distribution,Slender,Creampie,Face Sitting,Featured Actress,Blowjob,
Cast(s): Moeka Marui



Date: February 25, 2023
Actors: Moeka Marui

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