JRZE-127 First Shooting 60’s Wife Document Miyako Yamamoto – Censored


JRZE-127 First Shooting 60’s Wife Document Miyako Yamamoto

Miyako Yamamoto is 60 years old. A full-time housewife who has been married for 36 years.An overwhelming sense of active duty contrary to such a homely 60th birthday wife feeling. The source is straight sex. The throbbing of the body that wants phallic pleasure does not subside even after marriage, “Please don’t ask me how many people have experienced … (laughs)”. In order to aim for a higher-grade sex, she finally went to AV appearance this time. “I wonder if I can make a young girl cry with my experience (laughs)” Please take a look at the pheromone intercourse that is fascinated by the miraculous nasty 60th birthday mature woman who is the best ever.

Release Date: 03 Nov 2022
Duration:121 mins
Director:Kotaro Misato 三郷浩太朗
Studio: Center Village
Categories: Mature Woman,Married Woman,Debut,Documentary,Creampie,Hi-Def,Featured Actress,4K,
Cast(s): Miyako Yamamoto



Date: November 6, 2022
Actors: Miyako Yamamoto

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